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    S160001 106-15 1/10 remote control model DT-2 STANDARD RALLY NET FRAME

    1/10 color electric room, strong configuration, entry necessary, you want! Everything you want!

    The car has many different configurations to choose from:
    DT2 Standard Lab Car Empty Frame Contains No Car Shell
    DT2-01 Standard Lab Car Empty Frame with Car Shell
    DT2-01-30 Standard Version pull-up vehicle with brush-shell
    DT2-01-50A Standard Lab Vehicle Brushless-with Car Shell and No Remote Controller
    DT2-01-50AA Standard Lab Vehicle Brushless-with Car Shell and Remote Controller
    Detailed introduction of vehicles

    DT-2 uses race frame and classical double belt drive system. The driving direction of belt structure is the same as the moving direction. The gyroscope effect provides excellent horizontal stability, avoiding the shaft effect of tilting the body like shaft drive when the high torsion speed increases.

    DT-2 is equipped with front straight axle with high stability in accordance with the requirements of competition, which is suitable for high-speed driving. The shaft body is processed by 6061T6 aluminium alloy CNC, and the drive cup is machined by alloy steel.

    Rear axle using carbon-blended nylon differential and alloy steel cup.

    The key structure of the vehicle is all metal parts, processed by 6061T6 aluminum alloy and alloy steel CNC, using rubber oil-sealed ball bearings.

    The vehicle is equipped with four high precision CVDs, all of which are made of alloy steel.

    The vehicle is equipped with four metal piston dampers. The main body is made of 6061T6 aluminum alloy CNC.

    The surface of the shock absorber is treated by hard anodic oxidation. The high-precision coating can improve the surface smoothness, reduce the friction resistance between the shock absorber and the piston, and make the shock absorber run smoothly.

    Series of vehicles use precision machined stainless steel ball head, no vacancy with nylon carbon ball seat, which can greatly reduce the vacancy and resistance of moving joints in all parts of the vehicle, and improve the vehicle response accuracy.

    DT-2 uses four 6061T6 aluminium alloy parts with thickness of 2.0mm. They are all machined with high precision. The surface is treated by wire drawing process, and the hard anodized coating with high hardness is added.

    Series of cars use 10.9 grade high strength alloy steel hexagonal screw.

    Belt gears and central spur gears used in the series are made of graphite-blended nylon material.

    DT-2 uses crushed stone tyres designed by SN-RC team, with narrow front and wide rear layouts and larger nail-like lines, which can be easily handled by asphalt, cement, grassland, ice and snow, rain and gravel.

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